Corporate Meditation

Reduce stress in the workplace

Heighten productivity

Having come from 20 years in the intense corporate and startup sectors, I have a specific interest in helping business owners and senior executives apply a conscious perspective to their commercial interests. Dynamic people in startups and fast growing companies are feeling unprecedented pressure. Many are not that healthy on the inside.

How are you really feeling?

Companies are becoming increasingly responsible for the wellbeing of their employees.
Corporate meditation programs are significantly reducing stress in the workplace.

By learning Vedic Meditation techniques, leaders and their teams are better equipped to release stress, support your nervous system and recover faster from travel, and high pressure situations. We all have different things we need to address…

Wouldn’t you love a better,
more restful sleep?

Sleep is one thing that immediately improved for me. There’s no need to wear robes and sit in a dark cave, I can come to your place of work for one-on-one training, and/or group corporate meditation teaching sessions with your team. This is the most practical meditation technique for busy people.

Corporate meditation

There is no better team building activity for the modern workplace

Experience four 90 minute teachings over four consecutive days. You will learn the art of Vedic Meditation, and become confident to continue meditating on your own.

This householder technique can be applied to your busy everyday life with ease. Twenty minutes twice daily is all it takes to improve your world.

Something you may not know…

Following completion of the four day course, all participants may join any teacher of Vedic Meditation for Group Meditations and Knowledge Sessions – absolutely free.

Benefits of Corporate Meditation

The benefits of this powerful life-skill are proven


Increased energy


More restful, rejuvenating sleep


Relieve, and better recover from stress


Reduce and manage anxiety


Improve relationships with others


Improved memory, concentration and learning ability


Heightened productivity and creativity


Boost self esteem, resilience and overall wellbeing

By equipping yourself and your team with this valuable life skill, you’re inviting a healthier, happier workplace, increased wellbeing, productivity and creativity.

Introductory Session

On or off-site 90 minute introduction into Vedic Meditation, the history and scientifically backed benefits for the workplace.

  • Includes a sample meditation experience

Fees tailored to company or individual requirements.

Private One on One Tuition

On or off-site private executive meditation classes. Learn Vedic Meditation through four 90 minute teachings over four consecutive days.

Corporate Meditation Classes

On or off-site group corporate meditation classes. Groups of 5-30 people. Learn Vedic Meditation through four 90 minute teachings over four consecutive days.

Corporate meditation retreat or something else in mind? Send me a message.

I’m a 1,000% better person if I do Meditation

– Oprah Winfrey –

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