Group Meditation Classes

With like-minded souls

Learn to meditate with a group of like-minded souls on a mission to look, feel and be the best version of themselves.

The Vedic Meditation course is taught over four consecutive days, each day featuring a 60-90 minute session.

How does it work?

Step 1

Introductory Talk

You are first invited to a complimentary Introductory Talk to discover more about the Vedic Meditation technique and its benefits, to decide if it is the right practice for you.

Step 2

Day One

The first learn to meditate session begins with a short traditional ceremony in sanskrit known as a Puja. You will then receive your personalised mantra and we begin learning how to use your mantra to meditate.

Step 3

Days 2, 3 & 4

The following three sessions refine your practice and by the completion of the course you’ll have practical experience combined with deep theoretical understanding that allows you to practice entirely on your own. Once you learn the technique you have it for life.

Learning Vedic Meditation is a dynamic and uplifting experience in a supportive group environment.

On completion of your course you will be a confident daily meditator equipped with a life-long skill that will help you handle stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, and unlock your confidence and creativity.

Lifetime Membership

All course graduates are invited to enjoy a lifetime membership to the global Vedic Meditation community. You can join group meditations and teachings hosted by any Vedic Meditation teacher in the world, at no charge.

You will also receive a follow up support call from me, and are invited to re-sit the course at any time or join in our group meditations.

Payment Structure

The course contribution supports this ongoing work and covers the course of instruction, as well as access to regular follow-up meetings, online tutorials, refresher courses and the ability to take the course any time in the future at no cost.

Individuals $1,100
University Student $800
Secondary School Student $600
Primary School Student $400

We are also open to payment plans for those who need financial assistance.

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