Private Meditation Course

And Mentoring

Expert teachings one-on-one

Improving our health and wellbeing is quite a personal experience, particularly if you are completely new to the concept. Many people may have experienced guided meditations, used an app or gone on a retreat or course to learn different meditation styles; but it can be tough to find a method that sticks.

Private Meditation Course

Private Meditation courses and programs are available for those preferring one to one training. Private courses offer greater flexibility with timing and the structure of the course. Most importantly private training allows for a more personalised and intimate instruction experience.


Private consultations provide us with an opportunity to discover deeper knowledge, private support and additional techniques together that assist in developing areas of our lives.
Private consultations run for 90 minutes and include a meditation session together. They can be conducted either by phone/Skype, or in person.

Mentoring Program

For an existing meditator to accelerate their meditation journey, I offer a program tailored specifically to one’s individual needs. This training process helps to improve all areas of one’s personal and professional life. During the training program we will explore practical, Vedic wisdom and other tools to further eliminate stress and achieve a higher state of consciousness. The program is typically one session per week thus ensuring that momentum is sustained and appropriate time is given for you to fully integrate the practices and knowledge you’ll be obtaining.

Private Meditation Course includes

Tailored course schedule at your home or office, or via Skype. Four original course sessions plus two in person follow up sessions. It also includes immediate family.

Lifetime Vedic Meditation Membership. Attend group meditations and knowledge sessions with any Vedic Meditation teacher anywhere in the world…free for life.

Be more creative, look better, feel better, stress less.

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